HDi Soundbar

Experience an exceptional sound in any space with the new HDi soundbar which complements your interactive screen offering the best presentation option in the market.


Featuring Bluetooth and USB connection, the soundbar offers 60 Watts of pure sound that combined with the sleek design and technologies, it offers the full power in every moment of presentation.

The HDi soundbar remote control lets you manage all your entertainment at the touch of a button. It features the main controls of the bar such as Volume, Equalizer, music controls and Mode that allows you to switch along different inputs.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Remote Control
60 Watt


               Bluetooth Connectivity

               Remote control

               Output RMS 60W

               Equalizer EQ1,EQ2,EQ3,EQ4,EQ5,EQ6


               2.1 CH 60 Watts with Built-in Subwoofer

               Frequency 20-20KHz

               ABS case + metal mesh

               Input connection LINE, USB, Bluetooth

               LED Display

               Memory function

               Size 910 x 100 x 75mm

               Weight 3.2 kgs

Download Specifications here