The IR Touchscreen range is our core product range. All of systems have a Built in Android Operating system making them IoT ready, with Auto-Switching inputs, meaning as soon as HDMI and USB are connected, the screen detects this and switches the input for an enhanced user experience.

There is no need to reconnect cables, All on-screen menus are touch enabled and all our Touchscreens have an OPS Computer Slot in them for ultimate performance. We have the latest i5 and i7 OPS computers pre-loaded with Windows 10 Professional available.

Multitouch IR LED Touchscreens
PCAP Optical Touch with OPS

We offer a range of high quality Full HD and Ultra HD (4K) displays with durable anti-glare glass to create an optimal touch experience. Our multi touch screens have a minimum of 10 touch points. Use pinch control resize and rotate objects easily – supports touch gestures like those used in the Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 operating system.


Seamless integration with applications. Write over industry-leading applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe to capture input from everyone and share pertinent detail to enhance decision making processes.  

Ultra Slim IR 4K Touchscreen

Work naturally by using touch gestures to write and manipulate content or simply pick up a pen. Our interactive 4K touchscreens have a minimum of 20 touch points  providing the user access to a number of user-friendly gesture recognition tools.  Two people can interact with content simultaneously. 


Together with its plug-and-play technology and driverless features, a user can be rest assured that they have a Interactive screen that will work on Windows Operating system Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.