Back to Work Safely

With everything going on around COVID-19, Physical and Social distancing is going to continue for some time, We at T.S. Interactive recognizes this and have introduced products to help you transition back to work. Our Auto Dispensing Hand Sanitizer combined with a Digital Signage display to inform users of important messaging and notices.  Talk to us today as we have several different options available, 
Auto Sanitizing Dispenser with Digital Signage
Safety at work
We use only the safest products to help transition back to the office, With this range of Health Canada Approved Sanitizers, that not only kills germs on contact, but which leaves your hands feeling fresh and moisturized. We recommend the following Hand Sanitizing Liquid products.

These are all available in 
24 x 2oz or 59ml, Travel sized spray bottle for personal everyday use, keep in your handbag, purse or briefcase.
12 x 4oz or 118ml, perfect for daily use in your vehicle, fits perfectly in your cup holder. 
12 x 8oz or 225ml,  ideally for your home office, kitchen areas.
4 x 4L bottles to replace/refill your dispensing machines. 

Talk to us today for further details 

Hand Sanitizer 118ml
Hand Sanitizer 225ml
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Personal
Health Canada Approved Sanitizer