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Vivi Wireless 

Vivi Wireless Canada

Vivi™ is a wireless presentation tool that enables teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture and save information in real time, from any application and any device in the classroom or boardroom. Vivi has provided relief to IT Administrators, who can now remotely connect, control and update any device with Active Directory AD/SAML support.  


Vivi allows the presenter/teacher to control flow of content to participants allowing them to remotely capture and share notes with all participants. It also has remote upgrade capabilities to bring a smile to any IT Administrator.

Empowering Students and participants by providing control to share content from your tablet, smart phone, and use the integrated annotation tools.

 Key Features:


  •  Room Access

  •  Touch Support

  •  Custom Splash screens

  •  Privacy mode

  •  Analytics Dashboard

  •  Split Screen function

  •  Live Broadcast

  •  Digital Signage

  •  Multi-platform software BYOD Support

  •  Integrated annotation tools

  •  Emergency/Lockdown broadcasting with

         Designated contacts and authorities.


Contact  to book a demonstration.

Vivi Presentatin Kit
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