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OPS Computers

Integrated CPU for Touchscreens

The HDi Windows OPS i7 computer for Interactive Displays and Digital Signage are the latest OPS products designed to the Intel® OPS standard. It provides the ideal solution for all-in-one touch PC or interactive whiteboard applications.

Without the need for a dedicated desktop or spare laptop, we provide options for our OPS computers.

Utilizing industry leading technologies from Intel and providing the latest i5 and i7 chipsets, we provide our customers with configurable options for RAM and hard drives.

For our Education customers, we also have full Android 7.1 OPS Systems, with full access to the Google Play Store.

All our 55", 65", 75", 86" and 98" touchscreen solutions have an OPS Slot, meaning these OPS computers slide right inside the screen, without the need for Power Adapters, USB or HDMI cables to connect, making them the IT Departments best friend.

OPS i7 Computer
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Intel OPS i7 computer for Touchscreens
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