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Wireless touch

HDi ConnectPlus provides a life without cables.  It is so easy to connect any device to a Display or Projector just by following these 3 simple steps.

Wireless Video P2P

Easy, quick & smart

“HDi Connect is providing us with a life without cables. Our Staff embraced the use of HDi Connect from day one because of its ease of use.  We are now seeing better use of our meeting spaces now that it is so easy to connect any device to a Projector or Display.  We’ve even streamed a full DVD with audio and not a single drop out.  Highly recommend the product for its ease of use compared to other proprietary systems.”

Brad Shannon
Technology & Solutions Manager

Plug & Play
Wireless P2P
HDI Connect Plus
Wireless Connection to Any Device

HDI ConnectPlus

Huddle Rooms

Cables make our workspace look busy and messy, HDi connect works independently of any network connection . HDi connect uses a 5.2 Ghz frequency for a better data transmission experience.

HDMI Transmitter

HDi connect transmits audio and video to 1080p resolution which means High Definition. Automatic recognition transmitter makes it quicker to work without any complicated settings.

Wireless Touch
Wireless HDMI

Sharing + touch control

  • HDi connect plus can transmit video, audio and any application from a laptop or smart device to the presentation screen.

  • Full mirroring technology showing all content as it is.

  • Without needing a wireless access point high quality video & sound transmission is shared in real time.

  • Switching devices easily just by ONE-CLICK of a button.

  • No installation of software. No complicated set-up.

  • HDi connect plus also enables touch control through the screen when sharing a PC.

  • With new intuitive interface HDi connect plus shows your devices live and ready to stream

Bluetooth for Wireless touch
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