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Workspace Table

Experience the stunning leading-edge HDi Workspace2, a 65" multi-touch table takes your level of engagement to the next level. Like the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, the Workspace2 utilizes the power of Windows and all the Tablet functionality within Microsoft Office Suite.  The HDi workspace2 incorporates capacitive touch technology with an inbuilt HDI Android OS and an optically bonded panel for a seamless experience. 

The screen offers up to 40 points of touch and completely plug and play, with no drivers necessary for interaction.


HDi Workspace 65” works perfectly with any computer including OPS (not included)

The HDi Worskpace table is 4K resolution, LED high brightness backlight and wide screen format provides an ideal medium for interaction and collaboration.


There are ample I/O ports that would suit any audio-visual environment, making the HDi Workspace2 a must-have companion for your Real Estate Office, Corporate Offices and Government Departments.

Optically  Bonded PCAP Table

Finger touch height adjustment.

Built in controls to automatically adjust the height for group collaboration around Workspace2.

Mobile Stands
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